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1. I don’t smoke or drink. How did I get cancer?

This is a common query from all patients. Unfortunately , in a vast majority of cases, we still do not know why some people get cancer. Sometimes it can be attributed to smoking or alcohol, certain viruses or genetic or chromosomal abnormalities. However, it is almost impossible to point to one single factor or cause.

2. I have already been operated and the cancer is removed. Why am I being advised chemotherapy or radiation then?

Based on the stage of the cancer after surgery, the cancer surgeon will advise you on whether or not adjuvant chemotherapy or radiation is required. It is important to remember that most cancers need multimodality treatment. except for early-stage cancers, all others invariably need more than one form of treatment to reduce risk of disease coming back

3. how soon after my surgery can I resume my work?

It depends on the type of surgery and extent. Usually, most patients need 2-3 weeks of rest after which they can resume work. They are advised not to lift heavy weights for at least 3 months after surgery

4. In a robotic surgery, does the robot perform the surgery?

The robot is only an instrument to perform the surgery. robotics is an advanced form of minimal access surgery where every movement of the robot is controlled by the surgeon. The magnification in robotics is excellent which along with the tremor elimination and seven degrees of movement enhances the precision and dexterity of the surgery.