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Danger Signals of Cancer Not To Be Ignored!

Danger Signals of Cancer Not To Be Ignored!

Cancer- this one word turns our lives upside down. Most of us realize the disease when it's already too late to cure. The final stage of all types of cancer- liver cancer, gastric cancer, colon cancer, etc. is considered to be non-curable. However, there are a few signals directed by our body that direct our disease-fighting mechanism and equally mark the intensity of the disease, too.

But, before moving to those signals, one needs to understand the disease first.

What is Cancer?

Our body grows due to the cell-building mechanism of trillions of living cells in our body. Till the time, these cells grow normally, in an orderly manner, the development is fine however when this growth turns out to be out of control, forming abnormal cells, cancer is said to begin.

Our normal body cells turn into cancer cells due to the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). Normal cells have the mechanism to repair damaged DNA however, cancer cells, fail in the same creating those unwanted cells, not needed by the body.

Guarding mechanism against cancer

  • There is a famous saying- “Prevention is better than cure”. You will be surprised to know that half of the types of cancers can be prevented!
  • Oral cancer can be prevented by avoiding smoking and tobacco chewing. However, alcohol intake in moderation is considerable but it’s always better if avoided.
  • Diet intake is another prime factor. Taking a low-fat, healthy, vegetarian diet is always recommended. However, even after all such preventive measures if there are any of the below-mentioned signals or signs, one shouldn’t restrict from visiting an oncologist, immediately.

Danger signals of cancer not to be ignored

  • A persistent long-lasting mouth sore towards the lip or tongue. This could happen due to prolonged smoking, or any other oral problems but with sustained longevity, there are fair chances of this developing into cancer.
  • The appearance of suspicious lumps or masses that weren’t there, earlier. This could be alarming in cases of breast cancer.
  • Persistent problems with digestion or changing bowel habits could cause intestinal tract issues that might link to cancer. So, better be careful.
  • Abnormal bleeding taking place from any opening of the body, persistent coughing vomiting with blood, or blood in passing urine or rectal bleeding can be a pretty dangerous signal. Never avoid it!
  • Persistent hoarseness in voice or abnormal duration of cough infections is another red signal.
  • Sudden weight loss can be a hidden signal for cancer.


What is cancer?

Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of body cells that aren’t required by our body. Cancer can be prevented and cured if diagnosed in time. However, few cancers are incurable, too.

Is every cancer deadly?

If cancer is diagnosed in the early stages, it can be cured. Later stages of cancer or not getting the right treatment in time may, however, be deadly.

How to be careful about cancer?

Being careful about cancer is only possible by eating the right food, not ignoring the body signals, and consulting the cancer doctor, as and when needed. Changes in lifestyle also help in fighting against cancer.


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