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Fighting Your Cancer Journey Socially

Fighting Your Cancer Journey Socially

Social media platforms have caught up the pace with their growing popularity across the world. In today’s times, almost every nook and corner of the world is easily reachable by social media platforms. People can easily connect and share their opinions and thoughts on these platforms. Similarly, such platforms have turned out to be a boon for cancer patients, too.

No matter what type of cancer infects an individual, they have a single association factor in common through these social media platforms. In addition to human association, such platforms are the best place to share all kinds of information about cancer and related health information. There are several online platforms that share information about cancer doctors, their treatment, etc. coming from several trusted and credible sources.

Different platforms to browse

There exist a number of government agencies, cancer hospitals, universities performing research over cancer, their medical journals, and books that offer evidence-based well-researched information from trustworthy sources.

However, some websites might just offer promotive news or information. So, always make sure to rely on information coming from credible sources, only. Following such websites or print media platforms can be misleading with their incorrect piece information.

One can also rely on different websites, books, and magazines offering cancer-related research findings and other information as well. One can use such credible resources to suffice their own cancer journeys and share their own stories, too. This will help safeguard your battle and also help others conquer their own.

Using social media and email safely for fighting cancer

The journey of fighting the battle against cancer is stressful. It’s common to undergo a lot of stress and anxiety along with situations of depression during this struggle time. Social media sites can be your partner in the struggle along with helping you find useful information on cancer. Famous websites like- Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. prove helpful in this concern. They offer a lot of up-to-date and trustworthy information exchange.

With such platforms, one can also connect to people with similar conduct and share similar health issues and related questions. There are even a variety of mobile apps, even suggested by cancer doctors to keep a track of your health activities, including diet and exercise. You can also record your medicine schedules and doctor visits with this.

However, it is very important to be a part and follow only such social media platforms that are reliable and present information from reputed sources. It would also add to a cancer patient’s battle if they are associated with the social media platforms of trusted cancer-based organizations like- the National Cancer Institute.

Sharing stories on cancer

Each day several stories are uploaded on social media platforms. The same goes for cancer-fighting individuals as well. Sharing cancer battles stories on your personal social media account and following others with the same is always helpful. You will never feel alone in your journey through this.

Individuals can post and follow experiences with cancer on subjects like-

  • How they feel, mentally and physically
  • Their treatments and experiences
  • Any complementary therapies, diet, or supplements for better conditioning of the patient
  • Which cancer doctor or cancer surgeon to prefer for the required treatment, etc.

Thus, reliable social media platforms can be a cancer patient’s best friend during their trouble times as they get to share and follow what they feel and wish to know, alongside.


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