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What is the Survival Rate for Stomach (Gastric) Cancer?

What is the Survival Rate for Stomach (Gastric) Cancer?

Do you know that more than 7 out of 100,000 people suffer from stomach cancer and three out of those seven dies due to it? Stomach cancer is one of the most common kinds of cancer and its occurrence is increasing at a rapid rate. Every year there is a huge rise of 1.5% in people suffering from stomach cancer. While 1.8% of total people suffering from stomach cancer die every year. According to the best gastro oncology surgeon in Mumbai, treatment of stomach cancer is very tricky as it is the kind of cancer that shows different symptoms in men and women, it can mimic many other diseases and it is difficult to diagnose at an early stage. Since it is such a complex kind of cancer, it is very important to know more and spread awareness about it to save many lives around us.

What is Stomach Cancer?

Before I write about stomach cancer let us look at where the stomach is and what does it do? The stomach is a small s-shaped organ located just below the esophagus or food pipe responsible for transferring food from mouth to stomach. In the stomach, the food eaten by us is digested using digestive juices and enzymes. The food digested in the stomach further moves down to the small intestine through the gut for the remaining digestion and absorption of food.

According to the best gastric cancer surgeon in Mumbai, when healthy cells of the stomach are replaced by cancerous cells growing uncontrollably in the stomach lining, it results in stomach cancer. Stomach cancer develops slowly and is very difficult to be diagnosed at an early stage. Over the period these cancer cells accumulate to form a tumor and it starts penetrating several layers of the stomach.

Types of Stomach Cancer

Gastric cancer is a broad category enveloping various kinds of stomach cancer inside it. Some of the most common types of stomach cancers are:

  • 1. Adenocarcinoma: It is one of the most common types of stomach cancer. According to experts in gastric cancer treatment in Mumbai, 90% of stomach cancer cases coming to them suffer from adenocarcinoma. It is cancer in the innermost lining of the stomach.
  • 2. Lymphoma: Lymphoma is a cancer of the immune system. It is not very common and accounts for 4% of people suffering from stomach cancer. It can either start from the stomach and then spread to other parts like lymph nodes, bone marrow, etc. or it can start in the blood, lymph nodes, and bone marrow and then eventually spread to the stomach.
  • 3. Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumour: It is a tumor that grows rapidly in the connective tissues of the stomach. It is a soft tissue sarcoma.
  • 4. Neuroendocrine cancer: This kind of cancer occurs in the endocrine and nervous systems of the intestine. When cancer cell uncontrollably grows and replace healthy cells of the intestine's endocrine and nervous system, it leads to neuroendocrine cancer.

Who are at high risk of Stomach Cancer?

Stomach cancer can happen to anyone. Still, studies over the years have brought up a pattern demarcating people who are at higher risk of stomach cancer.

  • The first factor in the high risk of stomach cancer is age. It usually occurs in people above 55 years. It is most common in people in their 60’s and 70’s. So if you are at that age or reaching it, it is better to get yourself checked, take necessary precautions, and do the required changes in your lifestyle.
  • According to gastric cancer surgeons in Mumbai, gender is also an important factor. Males are at higher risk of stomach cancer than females. Studies have shown that 1 in 95 males suffer from stomach cancer, while this number is 1 in 154 females.
  • According to the best gastro oncology surgeon in Mumbai, having a family history of stomach cancer also puts you at a high risk of stomach cancer. So, if you are having a family history, it is better to take all the necessary precautions, follow a healthy lifestyle, and get yourself checked from time to time. Stomach cancers can be treated best when detected at an early stage.
  • If you have been through stomach surgery in the past, then you can lie under the high-risk category of stomach cancer.

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