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Gall Bladder Cancer- What You Need To Know!

Looking for gallbladder cancer treatment in Mumbai? If yes! Mumbai can offer a league of top doctors who can treat cancer with complete efficiency. Similar to other cancer treatments, bile duct cancer treatment in Mumbai have also taken a high role.

But, before that, let’s know a little more about gallbladder cancer!

What is Gall Bladder Cancer?

Gallbladder cancer is the disease wherein malignant (cancer) cells start forming and spreading around the tissues of the gallbladder. Even though gallbladder cancer is rarely found but if it is diagnosed, it must be treated in time. One of the most common gallbladder cancer is adenocarcinoma in which cancer-causing cells along with the gallbladder spread to the proximate lymph nodes and even organs. The gallbladder cancer type is solely dependent on the kind of cell it originates at.

Signs and Symptoms

The common visible signs and symptoms of gallbladder cancer include the following:-


Weight Loss


Loss of Appetite

Bloating or Pain in the Belly


Lumps in the Belly

These symptoms are a must to be evaluated for the best level of gall bladder cancer treatment in Mumbai.

Types of Gallbladder Cancer

There are several kinds of gall bladder cancer, one might get affected with. Their treatments may also vary as per their type. A few of these cancer types include-


Squamous cell cancer

Adenosquamous cancer

Small cell cancer


Neuroendocrine tumor

Lymphoma and melanoma

Treatment of Gall Bladder Cancer

Gallbladder cancer can be treated in several ways including- cholecystectomy or performed surgery for the removal of the gallbladder and its affected tissues, around. Under this process, the proximate lymph nodes are removed. Laparoscopy is also used for guiding gallbladder surgery.

Curing Gallbladder Cancer with Surgery

Curing gallbladder cancer through surgery is possible but only if its diagnosed prior to its spread. However, if cancer has already spread, it is a must to perform palliative treatment. This will help improve the quality of life and life expectancy through the process of controlled symptoms and complications in this disease.

Duration of Gallbladder Cancer Surgery

Gall bladder cancer treatment in Mumbai might vary as per the condition of the patient. Under this process, the surgeon takes his time analyzing the conditions and reports of the patient for the final decision-making.

During the process, surgical instruments are inserted through incisions for cutting the gallbladder and removing the malignant cells. This process might take around 1 to 2 hours of surgery.

Chemotherapy- Good or Bad for Gallbladder Cancer?

Chemotherapy is one of the most popularly used ways of treating patients with cancer diagnoses. Under this process, anti-cancer (cytotoxic) drugs are used for destroying the cancer cells that have affected the gallbladder.

Based on the treatment analysis, this can be a vital part of the treatment for gallbladder cancer. The drug’s circulation takes place throughout the main bloodstream. However, one must remember that chemotherapy alone isn’t a wholesome cure for gallbladder cancer. The Chemotherapy cycle lasts for approximately 3 to 4 weeks.

The above information is good enough to suffice your queries concerning gall bladder cancer treatment or bile duct cancer treatment in Mumbai. With this, you can consult the top medical practitioners to treat your case of gallbladder cancer. However, always remember, it’s always better to get diagnosed as soon as possible.


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