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Who is the Best Cancer Surgeon in Mumbai?

You or a loved one being diagnosed with cancer can be daunting and overwhelming to the point where you do not know what to do next. It’s okay, we have got you covered. The first thing you need to do is find a cancer surgeon who would guide you and help you throughout your journey from diagnosis to treatment. Seeing a cancer surgeon would help you know what kind of cancer you have, what stage it is in, and what would be the best way to treat it. They would help you plan your treatment and make sure you get the best options possible for yourself, with the best advice, plan, and treatment. But how do you find the right cancer surgeon for yourself? The answer is simple – a little effort and in-depth research. You need a doctor who is qualified, and experienced in dealing with your type of cancer and will take you through an informed well-planned, and executed journey of fighting cancer. If you are looking for a cancer surgeon in Mumbai, your search ends right here.

Dr. Ganesh Nagarajan is one of your best options. He specializes in Gastrointestinal Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic cancer, and with more than 18 years of experience, here is what makes him the best oncologist in Mumbai.


Dr. Ganesh Nagarajan is one of the best cancer surgeons in Mumbai with his commendable qualifications and achievements. His qualifications are listed below.

M.B.B.S. (2000) From Bombay University with professional instruction from Seth GSMC and KEM Hospital, Mumbai.

M.S. General Surgery (2004) From Bombay University with Post Graduate instruction from LTMNC Hospital, Mumbai.

4 Year Residency Training Program in Surgical Oncology (2004-2008) From TATA Memorial Hospital, Mumbai.

Fellowship in Hepatobiliary Pancreatic Surgery and Liver Transplantation (2008-2009) From Hospital Beaujon, Paris.

The education and training that he has received prove his theoretical as well as practical expertise in the field. Moreover, his further training and experience aid in making him the best cancer specialist doctor in Mumbai.


With more than 18 years of experience in the field, Dr. Ganesh Nagarajan has grown with the advancement of medical science and technology. He continues to adapt to new technology and equipment to ensure that his patients receive the right diagnosis and best treatment.

Internship (1999-2000) He did a yearlong internship with Seth GSMC & KEM Hospital, Mumbai, where he received training in general medicine, general surgery, preventive and social medicine, obstetrics, gynecology, and chest and tuberculosis.

Medical Officer (2000-2001) He worked as a medical officer in the Rural Hospital Surgana, Nasik where he took part in and helped implement a number of national health projects in rural India.

Residency Program (2001 to 2004) He was a resident in General Surgery at LTMGH, Mumbai for three years.

Residency Training Program (2004-2007) He completed a three-year surgical cancer residency program at TATA Memorial Hospital, making him all the more pertinent as a cancer surgeon in Mumbai.

Senior Specialist Registrar (2007-2008) Between 2007 and 2008, he worked for 6 months at the TATA Memorial Hospital as a Senior Specialist Registrar in the Gastrointestinal and HPB oncology service.

Fellowship (2008-2009) In Hospital Beaujon, France, he worked as a Fellow in Hepatobiliary Pancreatic Surgery and Liver Transplantation, where he did more than 40 liver transplant surgeries on both, donors and recipients.

Consultant Surgical Oncologist Following that, he worked as a Consultant Surgical Oncologist at Bombay Hospital and Fortis Hospital before joining Hinduja Hospital.

Along with his impressive experience, Dr. Ganesh Nagarajan has also received a number of awards throughout his journey in medicine and surgery that prove his expertise and tell you that he is one of the top cancer doctors in Mumbai.


Distinctions in Pathology, Microbiology, and Biochemistry

The Outstanding Young Indian Award – 2011

The Prestigious Rotarian Ambassadorial Scholarship in France – 2008

AIR 321 in AIPGMEE – 2000

AIR 403 in AIPMEE – 1994

His accolades are proof of his expertise in the field. He has also been actively involved in scientific research and is a part of a number of national and international associations that help him stay updated with the developments in medical science, equipment, and treatments. He is one of the best cancer surgeons in Mumbai because of his experience, expertise, and network and he currently works at Nanavati Max Superspeciality Hospital as a Director and Senior Consultant Surgeon – Gastrointestinal, Hepatobiliary, and Pancreatic Cancer.

The Cancer Surgery Clinic is one of the best cancer treatment centers in Mumbai and people from across the country and abroad seek treatment at the clinic because of its personalized treatment plans for GI and HPB cancers, highly experienced and reliable surgical teams, state-of-the-art up-to-date technology for diagnosis and treatment, and comprehensive cancer care. Under the direction of Dr. Ganesh Nagarajan – the top cancer doctor in Mumbai, they ensure a smooth and informative path for all of their patients with the purpose of providing the best and most appropriate treatment for all GI and HPB cancers.

You can visit their website to gain an in-depth insight into their expertise and services –


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